All my presentations have gone very well since we last spoke! I've been focusing on being myself, telling my story, and showing I care. I actually applied this rule to all the interviews I went on, and I think it worked miracles!”

Dr. Adil Akthar


In just three sessions, Marianna transformed me from a fast-speaking nervous wreck into a calm, confident speaker. She coached me through all aspects of public speaking—from writing and practicing to slide layouts and handling awkward Q&A sessions.”

Victoria Pater, Quite Strong

I did great!

I've kept the tips learned and let me share--the program I just finished culminated with a sixty second pitch I had to give to a room of 100 including head hunters--and I did great! And enjoyed it. Who knew?!”

- C. Thomas, Program Manager

Positive Motivation

You were the greatest after-lunch speaker, and I will use the interactive exercises. What a wonderful way to put everybody on the same playing field. ‘I can do this!’ was the feeling that everyone walked away with. What a positive motivation!”

R. Sue Kisling, Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Relaxed and Confident

I find that when I return to your advice I feel much more relaxed and confident during my interviews.”

David B. Wilkerson, Freelance Journalist

A Great Presentation

I felt very comfortable going through my slides and my process. At the end of my presentation and Q&A, two of the members commented sincerely that it was a great presentation.”

John Epifanio, Real Estate Director

… major ‘a-ha!’ moment!

Today’s session was both energizing and educational. Your statistic about people remembering the word you utilize just keeps sticking in my mind as a major ‘a-ha!’ moment!”

Nancy Wright, CEO, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana

I am so, so grateful for your help.

I am so, so grateful for your help. I know I am nowhere near a perfect speaker and still get a little nervous sometimes, but for the first time in my life I can actually present to others without dreading it, and I feel like I am in such a better place.”

Dr. Adil Akthar

I can’t begin to thank her enough!

Marianna taught me so many great tips and really helped me be more aware of myself. I can't begin to thank her enough!"

Victoria Pater, Quite Strong

More natural flow

I have had the opportunity to talk about my work in normal conversation and it does flow much more naturally."

Emily Rapport,

Marianna Swallow is a public speaking expert based in Chicago.
She offers workshops for groups and educational talks.

What do Stephen Colbert, Jennifer Egan, and Michael Chabon have in common?
They all created something lousy on the way to something better. Marianna talks about the value of
“creating crap” in any work you do.